Frequently Asked Questions:

How are roommates allocated?
If you have a friend you wish to share with, Heatherview Court will endeavour (not guarantee) to accommodate you together as long as it is clearly marked on BOTH forms at the time of application.

Do I have to leave at Christmas and Easter?
No, The accommodation lasts for the duration of your License which currently is a period of 38 weeks..

What happens if I pay for accommodation and fail to be offered a place at Athlone Institute of Technology?
In the case where a student fails to be offered a place at Athlone Institute of Technology, €150.00 will be deducted and the balance refunded. You must cancel your reservation within 3 days of the first round CAO offers – IN WRITING ONLY.

Can I book a room by telephone?
No, a number of forms need to be completed and passport photos are required.

Is there a curfew?
No, however there is a noise restriction after 11.30 pm for the consideration of all residents. Residents may come and go as they please, however we do require that residents carry their Student ID cards with them at all times. Visitors must vacate Heatherview Court by 11.30 PM.

Can I obtain the apartment number or room mates’ details before check in?
No, the apartment details will be issued to you on arrival.

Is insurance for my belongings provided by Heatherview Court?
No, you must take out your own cover for your possessions. We recommend having the family household policy extended to cover the personal effects away from home.

What do I need to bring?
Bed sheet, duvet, pillows and towels.

Can I smoke?
There is a non smoking policy throughout all buildings in Heatherview Court. Residents may smoke outside there respective building and are asked to disgard butts in a proper manner.

I am eligible for a Grant, will the Grant office pay for my fees directly to Heatherview Court?
No, you must pay for your accommodation directly.