Can I choose my own room?

Please note that rooming requests are not guaranteed, every effort will be made to meet your requirements, but there is no guarantee that you will be allocated your request.

what items do I need to bring to Heatherview court?

Duvet, Pillows, towels and bed linen

Are there Laundry facilities?

There are washing machines and dryers in our laundry room.  Tokens can be purchased from the office.

Is there WIFI?

All apartments have high speed broadband.  This is included in the utilities charge.

Is there a tv?

There are flat screen tv’s in all kitchens.

Will my room be quiet?

All students are to ensure that all  noise in general is kept at a level that will not disturb other occupants.  No noise should be audible between the hours 11pm-9am. Abuse of this clause may, at the discretion of Management, and based on the severity of complaints from security and other residents, be grounds to terminate the Tenancy contract.

Fixtures & Fittings

Students are required to keep all furniture,  fittings and appliances in good repair. Any damage to  items will be charged back to the students. Students are not permitted to affix any items to the walls, windows or doors in the apartments with any type of sticky tape

Shared Areas

Every effort should be made by all students to keep the shared areas and floors, tables seating etc. clean and tidy. Students  should keep all common areas clear of any obstructions – Management reserve the right to remove any  items that may cause major obstruction for safety purposes.

Am I allowed pets?


Am I allowed visitors?

For security reasons visitors are not permitted without prior permission from management.

Are there smoking areas?

All smoking areas are outside under the canopy.  Ash trays are attached to walls outside every building.

 All internal areas are smoke free zones.

If you are found to have interfered with the smoke alarms in your apartment, you are affecting the functioning of the fire alarm system hence risking your own safety and the safety of other residents and you will be fined €500.

Students should not undertake any cooking in any room except the kitchen. Electric hobs and cooking equipment is banned from use in bedrooms.Extra Care must be taken when using the equipment in the kitchen. Do not leave cooking unattended; ensure all cooking equipment is turned off before leaving the kitchen.


Management strive to have all repair issues in shared areas assessed and/or resolved within 72 Hours of callout.
This is not always possible if parts or trades are required to resolve the issue.
All students are reminded that they are responsible for the general up keep of the apartment.

Any call outs relating to abuse or negligence of fixtures and fittings or any equipment supplied to you by Heatherview Court may result in a charges of up to €50 at the discretion of management.